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We offer a range of services to help clients achieve their goals. Our extensive expertise and experience provide the foundation that clients need to make an impact across all areas of government.


Our team understands the intricacies of the legislative process – from the impact of intraparty politics, to committee appointments, parliamentary procedures, etc. We have the experience and network to achieve public policy and appropriations objectives.



A successful public project is aided greatly by a well-planned public affairs strategy. We understand the importance of public affairs and pride ourselves on helping clients achieve their objectives by building relationships with key elected thought leaders and other critical public allies.


Understanding the nature of politics is important for any organization looking to engage with the public sector.  Whether it's the complexities of party politics, electoral shifts, or changes in leadership, anticipating how political variables can have wide-reaching impacts is essential.  Our team helps clients understand the landscape of state and local politics and how it can impact their organizational goals.

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