Ancira Strategies was originally founded in April 2016 as Ancira Legislative Consulting, a full-service government relations, public affairs, and political strategy firm representing clients in all areas of Texas public policy. Founder Jesse Ancira Jr. is a longtime Texas insider who took his decades of experience in various state leadership positions and leveraged that experience for the benefit of private sector clients. In 2018, Ancira chose to expand his practice, and Ancira Strategies was born. Ancira Strategies leverages the skills and relationships of our experienced team of professional consultants to provide quality representation expected by clients across Texas. Our team has a proven track record of providing comprehensive solutions while interacting with every facet of Texas government. We understand the intricacies of government and know how to maximize results, from legislative consulting to procurement and beyond. Ancira Strategies stands ready to handle every challenge by creating opportunities for organizations of all sizes.

Ancira Strategies Team

Jesse Ancira 
Founder and Principal
Gabriel G. Sepulveda
Government Affairs & Policy Advisor
Nicanor (Nick) Pesina
Of Counsel
Ursula Parks

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